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ISO quality management system standards, 100% compliance with JIS and ASTM

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Equipped with a computer spring machine and a number of the most advanced MEC series spring machine in Japan, can produce the most sophisticated, the most sophisticated of all kinds of spring


Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, toys, clocks, instruments, communications materials, auto parts, craft accessories and other industries


Material wire diameter from 0.03mm-6.0mm, outer diameter from 0.3mm-80mm, can manufacture all types of spring

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How does hardware spring work s

Want hardware spring to be able to work smoothly under high temperature, must it have compressive strength to resist very good laxity, heat resistance and its ability to resist oxidation, also want to have certain ability to resist corrosio...


The reason why the spring slope

The steel wire used to make the spring is 1.5, the outer diameter of the spring is 8.1, and the height is 12.3(after full pressure, the height is 13 without full pressure). After many debugging, it is found that this may be the residual def...


Test method for spring surface

Spring metal surface coating and organic coating should meet the requirements of coating (plating) layer density, uniform and solid with the substrate. And coating (plating) layer such as coating (plating) layer off, bubble or hair and loca...


How to use stainless steel spri

Different stainless steel spring manufacturers in the use of the spring has different methods, if the limit, will cause damage to the spring. For stainless steel spring, for example, the compression quantity more than itself sustainable val...

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